Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Grand Water Release - Help me set up the Fall 2014 SW Tour!

The first two chapters of my latest project, Grand Water, a documentary about the Colorado River through Grand Canyon and the impacts that the Glen Canyon Dam has had on the region is up on youtube! The Canyon has been a big part of the last year of life and this is my attempt to share the place and reveal the challenges it faces. I will have DVD's of the feature length film available for  free or donation to help with the tour this fall in the SW. Just email me at for a DVD or to host a showing! Thanks for tuning in!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Denali Traverse - MAY be the Time!

A group of four comrades and I are in the thick of planning and preparing for a trip. The big trip. Can you help us finance the plane drop logistics?

Denali Traverse Kickstarter Project!

: ) Much gratitude.

- the crew


A HUGE THANKS! AND... We got the Packrafts!

Massive thank you and gratitude to everyone who has helped us reach our goal for flight and food expense four our Alaska Range Traverse. We cannot express to you enough how supported we feel and your good energy will undoubtedly come up with us on the mountain. We just found the right deal on some packrafts and are psyched to be using them as our tool to exit the range, following the rivers to the shores of Talkeetna! Spread the word about the expedition, we are excited to try to blow our goal out of the water! 
So happy sitting pretty on Alpackas - 4.5 lbs a boat, rolls to the size of a tent.
So happy sitting pretty on Alpackas - 4.5 lbs a boat, rolls to the size of a tent.